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Cardiovascular disease (CVD) refers to conditions that affect the heart and blood vessels. It is the leading cause of death globally, responsible for over 17 million deaths per year. Major types of CVD include:

Risk factors for CVD include: Prevention involves living an overall healthy lifestyle - not smoking, eating a nutritious diet, maintaining healthy weight, managing conditions like diabetes/high cholesterol, avoiding excess alcohol intake and managing stress effectively. Getting checked and addressing individual risk factors is key. If you have concerns about heart health or high cholesterol/blood pressure, consider contacting Balance Hormone Solutions. Our caring doctors create fully personalized treatment plans to help patients prevent and manage cardiovascular conditions through lifestyle changes, medications and advanced hormone optimization therapies. Early detection of CVD risk factors gives the best chance to prevent progression. Diagnostic tests may include: Treatment depends on the specific type of CVD. Lifestyle changes, medications, medical procedures like stenting or bypass surgery, valve repair, or heart transplantation may be part of management. Following doctor's advice for treatment and having regular follow up is important for those with CVD. Continued research and technology improvements provide hope for better prevention and treatment of these major diseases in the future.

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