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What is decreased muscle mass?

Decreased muscle mass, known medically as sarcopenia, is a common condition characterized by loss of skeletal muscle tissue, leading to reduced strength and mobility. As we age, most adults lose 3-8% of muscle mass per decade after age 30. Decreased muscle mass is concerning because it can negatively impact quality of life and lead to frailty, falls, and disability.

Some key points about decreased muscle mass:

Preventing and Treating Loss of Muscle

While some loss of muscle with age is normal, there are ways to slow this decline or even build muscle back. Exercise and nutrition are essential:

At Balance Hormone Solutions(, our hormone optimization programs help patients restore optimal hormone levels associated with youthful muscle composition. Our personalized plans couple nutrition and fitness guidance with cutting-edge therapies.

For some, targeted medical treatment may also help combat decreased muscle mass:

Early intervention offers the best chance to improve muscle health and retain strength into older age. Talk to your doctor if you notice increasing fatigue, weakness or difficulty with daily activities. Steps can be taken to diagnose, slow down and even reverse muscle loss.

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