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What is disease resistance?

Disease resistance refers to the ability of an organism to limit the damage caused by a pathogen. Organisms have evolved various forms of innate and adaptive immunity to combat disease.

When a pathogen like a virus or bacteria enters the body, the immune system mounts a response to clear the infection. An individual with robust disease resistance will be able to neutralize the pathogen quickly before it replicates and causes harm.

There are two main components of the immune system that confer disease resistance:

Innate immunity

This is made up of physical and chemical barriers like skin, mucous membranes, saliva, and stomach acid that prevent pathogen entry. It also includes phagocytes and natural killer cells that can directly ingest and destroy pathogens in the body. People with strong innate immunity often have better disease resistance.

Adaptive immunity

The adaptive immune system learns to recognize specific pathogens and creates immunological memory. This allows faster clearance upon subsequent exposures through cells like T lymphocytes and B lymphocytes along with antibodies. Vaccinations work by teaching adaptive immunity to resist specific diseases.

Other factors like genetics, age, stress levels, nutrition, and gut health also impact immunity and disease resistance. For example, older people or those with compromised immunity have lower resistance.

To improve disease resistance, Balance Hormone Solutions recommends optimizing key hormones like testosterone, growth hormone and DHEA through science-based protocols personalized to your needs. Balancing hormones enhances immune function for better health and vitality. (testosterone-patches.org) to see how we can help boost your resistance and wellbeing!

In summary, disease resistance depends on coordinated innate and adaptive immune responses to effectively counter pathogens before they overwhelm bodily defenses. Assessing and supporting immune function is key, and optimizations like hormone balance can further bolster disease resistance.

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