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What is estrogen deficiency?

Estrogen deficiency occurs when estrogen levels in the body are lower than normal. This is most common during perimenopause and menopause due to decreasing activity of the ovaries. However, younger women can also experience low estrogen due to certain conditions.

Symptoms of estrogen deficiency vary but can include:

Numerous conditions and lifestyle factors can contribute to low estrogen levels, including:

Luckily, estrogen replacement therapy is an option! At Balance Hormone Solutions, we offer customized bioidentical hormone treatment to bring estrogen back up to optimal levels. Our practitioners can determine the right route of therapy for your body and lifestyle - whether that is pills, creams, patches, pellets, or injections. We carefully monitor your progress to determine the most effective dosage and remedy those pesky symptoms of menopause or hormonal imbalance.

With our telehealth services, you can get a convenient hormone evaluation and prescription from the comfort of home. So don't struggle with unpleasant menopause side effects or low energy and weak bones from estrogen deficiency. Let our hormone experts help restore your vitality with personalized estrogen therapy instead!

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