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What is hormone decline?

As we age, both men and women experience a natural decline in key hormones like testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, and DHEA. This decline can start as early as our 30s and leads to unpleasant symptoms like low energy, reduced muscle mass, weight gain, hot flashes, night sweats, and even sexual dysfunction.

The medical term for this age-related hormone decline is endocrine senescence. It happens because our glands like the pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, and gonads slowly produce fewer hormones as part of the natural aging process.

Some key facts about hormone decline:

The good news is that hormone decline is treatable in both women and men. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) can help replenish your body's supply of youthful hormones to alleviate unpleasant deficiency symptoms.

Balance Hormone Solutions offers customized bioidentical hormone therapy to help both men and women address their unique hormone decline issues. Our experienced physicians will test your hormone levels and craft a personalized HRT plan to help you feel healthy and energetic again!

Common symptoms of hormone decline:

Both men and women can experience these hormone deficiency symptoms at varying degrees of severity. The cumulative effects over years can seriously impact one's quality of life.

That's why it's important to address hormone decline through HRT under a doctor's supervision. Balance Hormone Solutions offers both systemic and localized treatment options to help patients achieve optimal hormonal balance again.

Our board-certified endocrinologists will test your DHEA, testosterone, estrogen and other hormone levels using bloodwork/saliva tests. This allows us to pinpoint your specific deficiencies.

We then create a customized bioidentical HRT plan involving FDA-approved hormones like testosterone, progesterone, estrogen and DHEAdelivered via patches/pellets, pills or creams. These bioidentical hormones have a molecular structure identical to your body's own hormones. So they can bind better to your hormone receptors and mimic natural hormones.

Patients report increased energy, better sleep, weight loss, enhanced libido and mood improvements within a few months. Some even experience increased lean muscle mass and cardiovascular benefits.

Balance Hormone Solutions also offers additional therapies like customized nutrition plans, dietary supplements and stress management solutions as part of our holistic hormone balancing programs.

With multiple locations across the country, Balance Hormone Solutions has helped over 50,000 patients get their hormones back in balance safely. round-the-clock support, free consultations and financing plans make it easy to start your hormone therapy journey.

If you're experiencing unpleasant peri/menopause, andropause or other hormone decline symptoms, contact the hormone experts at Balance Hormone Solutions today to learn about science-based hormone balancing solutions!

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