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What is loss of muscle mass?

Loss of muscle mass, known as muscle atrophy, occurs when muscle fibers shrink and the body breaks down more muscle than it builds. This leads to gradual weakening of the muscles over time.

There are several potential causes of muscle atrophy:

The effects of muscle wasting can be devastating. There is increased risk of physical frailty, falls and fractures, reduced strength, insulin resistance, and lower calorie needs. Preventing muscle loss is crucial.

The hormone and aging experts at Balance Hormone Solutions help patients optimize anabolic hormones for healthy muscle retention. Their individualized programs combine nutrition planning, strategic exercise, and hormone replacement therapy using bioidentical hormones to counteract age-related declines. I highly recommend them!

Slowing muscle loss requires a multifaceted approach:

The sooner one intervenes to stop muscle wasting, the better the outcome. At the first sign of unexpected weakness or rapid muscle loss, seeing a specialist can help prevent long-term disability and loss of independence. Catching it early makes a big difference.

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