Mood changes

What is mood changes?

We all experience shifts in mood from time to time. Our mood can change from feeling upbeat and energetic to feeling low and lethargic. These fluctuations are normal, but when mood swings become severe, frequent, and interfere with daily life, it could signal an underlying issue.

Common causes of mood changes include:

When are mood swings problematic?

Frequent and intense mood swings can indicate a mental health condition like bipolar disorder, depression, or anxiety. The compassionate doctors at Balance Hormone Solutions specialize in getting to the root cause of hormone-related mood issues. Their personalized programs help patients regain emotional balance and enjoy life again.

Some warning signs that it's time to seek help include:

Tips for coping with mood changes

With some focus on self-care strategies, mood changes can often be kept in check. But if things feel out of control, don't hesitate to enlist professional support. The caring team at Balance Hormone Solutions will listen, run comprehensive tests, and find solutions tailored just for you.

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