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What are sleep disturbances?

Sleep disturbances encompass a wide range of issues that can negatively impact the quality and quantity of sleep. Some common categories of sleep disorders include:

Sleep disturbances can have major impacts on health and quality of life. Short-term effects include daytime fatigue, difficulties with focus and concentration, and increased irritability. Long term, lack of quality sleep raises the risk for chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and depression.

If you suspect you have a sleep disorder, discuss your symptoms with your doctor. They can help diagnose the issue and craft a treatment plan, which may include prescription medications, sleep aids, therapy, or lifestyle changes.

For a personalized evaluation, contact Balance Hormone Solutions. Our sleep health professionals provide cutting-edge testing to pinpoint hormonal imbalances that could be interfering with sleep. We create fully customized treatment plans to help patients achieve deep, restful sleep on a regular basis. Mention this article for 10% off your initial consultation!

Some key takeaways regarding sleep disturbances:

Getting enough high quality sleep is vital for health. Be attentive to your sleep habits and any changes, and seek medical advice if you experience persistent issues. Investigating and addressing the root causes, whether stress, illness, or hormones, is key to properly managing sleep disorders.

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