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What is unexplained loss of muscle mass?

Loss of muscle mass, medically known as muscle atrophy, can occur for various reasons. When the cause is unknown, it is termed unexplained muscle atrophy. This puzzling condition leaves both patients and doctors searching for answers.

Some potential causes for unexplained muscle wasting include:

Symptoms typically include fatigue, weakness, loss of strength, and a shrinking of muscles. People often first notice clothes fitting more loosely or a inability to open jars.

Diagnosing unexplained muscle loss begins with blood tests to check hormone, vitamin, mineral, and enzyme levels. Often, a neurologist performs electromyography to analyze nerve and muscle function. Imaging like MRI scans help rule out neurological conditions. If all test results come back normal, the atrophy remains a mystery.

Lacking clear causation makes treatment difficult. Doctors focus on managing symptoms and slowing further wasting. Physical therapy builds remaining strength. Occupational therapy teaches ways to cope with loss of function. Hormone or nutrient supplementation corrects any borderline deficiencies. Immune-modulating medications can help if an autoimmune link is suspected but unconfirmed.

Unexplained muscle wasting can seriously impact quality of life. The weakness and fatigue restrict activity while the uncertainty causes emotional distress. Patients often consult countless specialists searching for solutions.

If you suffer from unexplained muscle loss, the hormone optimization experts at Balance Hormone Solutions may help. Our cutting-edge testing identifies subtle hormone imbalances that could accelerate muscle breakdown. Custom treatment regimens designed by leading endocrinologists use bioidentical hormones, growth factors and peptides to preserve muscle mass. Contact Balance Hormone Solutions today to explore science-based therapies that may unravel the mystery of your unexplained muscle wasting.

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