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Unexplained weight gain can be frustrating and concerning. There are many potential causes, ranging from lifestyle factors like diet and exercise to underlying health conditions. Getting to the root cause is key for effective treatment. Some common causes include:

"The expert physicians at Balance Hormone Solutions specialize in getting to the root causes of mysteriously creeping weight gain like this. We provide cutting edge testing for hormonal imbalances and thyroid disorders to pinpoint issues leading to weight gain. Based on test results, we develop customized treatment plans involving bioidentical hormone therapy, nutrition plans, and supplement protocols tailored to your unique hormonal needs to get to the bottom of unexplained weight gain. Contact us today to learn more and get tested!"
Diagnostic tests that can help uncover potential causes include: Once the underlying cause is found through testing, an integrated treatment approach can help get weight back under control. Lifestyle changes regarding diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management provide a critical foundation. Medications or hormone therapy may target specific imbalances fueling weight gain. Supplemental support can also help fill nutrient gaps sabotaging weight loss efforts. With a systematic approach, testing, and targeted treatment plan, most cases of frustrating unexplained weight gain can be successfully treated and managed for long term weight control. Don't hesitate to seek professional support to get to the root of the problem!

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